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UPS & Generator

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Homage Generator 2800Watt with

Homage Generator Electric Start System Digital Meter Double Muffler Wheels Han....

Updated: 1 day ago
Prolink UPS 2400VA product of

2400VA, 24VDC, 90 280VAC, Simulated Sinewave One Year Warranty of Product Suitable....

Updated: 1 day ago
We Repair your Old Imported UP

Repairing facility at your home office. Also Deals Solar Systems Servo Motor Sta....

Updated: 1 day ago
Inverex Digital UPS for 6fans

Company INVEREX Product Simulated Sine Wave Inverter Charger UPS Model INVEREX XP ....

Updated: 1 day ago
iPOWER UPS 2000VA. . .

Suitable for- 2000VA for 8 Fans, 20 Energy savers. OR 04 Fans 10 Energy save....

Updated: 1 day ago
iPower UPS 2000VA One year war

Brand iPower Product Code iPower 2000VA Availability In Stock Price Rs.13000 Su....

Updated: 1 day ago
Rapid battery charger for sola

Rapid charger used for the convenience charging of battery whether its connected to u....

Updated: 1 day ago
APC UPS Fault Diagnosis Repair

We provide Fault Diagnosis assistance for all upss specially Imported APC ups. We ha....

Updated: 2 days ago
APC SmartUPS 1980Watts 2200VA

Overview This UPS provides a backup battery power in the event of a power outage, ....

Updated: 3 days ago
APC SmartUPS 1500VA 1000W Pure

Overview Award-winning Smart-UPS protects critical data by supplying reliable, net....

Updated: 3 days ago
APC Smart UPS 3000VA 2250W RM

Overview APC Smart UPS protects critical data by supplying reliable, network-grade....

Updated: 3 days ago
APC SmartUps Industrial 5000VA

Overview The APC Smart-UPS provides efficient protection for electronic devices and ....

Updated: 3 days ago
new UPS 1000 watts 1 year warr

Digital UPS. All range of transformer based Modified Sine wave, Square wave, and Pur....

Updated: 3 days ago
QSmart UF L 105 Thin Film Sola

Product description The new Q-Cells generation have Anti PID Technology APT means No....

Updated: 4 days ago
DC Ceiling fan for your Solar

Brand New, Solar DC Ceiling Fan. - 100 Copper Brushless motor Energy Saving Motor.....

Updated: 4 days ago
UPS Solution for Fans Lights C

Dear All, We deals with UPS with attractive prices. UPS 300, Rs. 4,900 UPS 500, Rs. 5....

Updated: 5 days ago
We Repair All Kind of Imported

Repairing facility at your home office. Also Deals Solar Systems Servo Motor Sta....

Updated: 5 days ago
Narada Dry Rechargable Batteri

As-salamu alaykum, We have Box Pack, Fresh Import, Maintenance Free Dry Batteries.....

Updated: 5 days ago
Crown Micro Dry Battery 12V165

Deep Cycle series is specially designed for frequent cyclic discharge. By using stron....

Updated: 5 days ago
UPS Voltage Stabilizer Solar H

PROLINK LCD INVERTER SERIES Simulated sine wave, 2400VA Just Rs.14000 is suitable for....

Updated: 5 days ago
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